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26 May 2021

The parties have signed a 5-year collaboration agreement. Focus will be on recruitment of PhD students to cancer research at Lund University, exchange of physicians within oncology between Skåne University Hospital and TMUCIH, as well as joint research projects. One of the first projects, is led by Prof. Sara Ek and Lecturer Dr Anna Gerdtsson at [...]

9 February 2021

Nature Methods has crowned spatially resolved transcriptomics Method of the Year 2020. In conjunction to that, Spatialomics@LU was featured on the LTH website.

4 November 2020

Doctor Magnus Jakobsson has received a 2 million SEK grant from Mats Paulsson’s Research, Innovation and Societal Development fund for the development of new diagnostics for ovarian cancer. The study aims at developing a new serological test for improved diagnostics of ovarian cancer and involves a multi-layered proteomics approach enabled by the [...]

29 October 2020

Doctor Anna Sandström Gerdtsson has received 2 million SEK from the Cancera foundation for Spatial analysis of immune infiltration for individualized treatment of ovarian cancer. The study, which will be one of the first projects of the recently established SpatialOmics@LU facility, will generate a multiplex depiction of the immune environment [...]

23 October 2020

Doctor Magnus Jakobsson will present his work 28.10.2020 on the enzymology and clinical relevance of post‑translational modifications (PTM) of the universally conserved protein Hsp70. His work has uncovered the human enzyme METTL21A (Uniprotein ID: Q8WXB1) as a specific methyltransferase targeting Lys561 in Hsp70 and demonstrated the value of this [...]

16 October 2020

Doctor Kathrin Zeller was 28.8.2020 appointed as Associate Professor in Immunotechnology by the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Her research focuses on in vitro models to investigate human cellular toxicity caused by various stresses, such as chemicals, chemical mixtures and nanoparticles. Currently, her team evaluates the capacity [...]

23 September 2020

Aastha Sobti, one of the CanFaster Ph.D. students at the Department of Immunotechnology, represents cancer research at the EU online exhibition Science is Wonderful! Her work on tonsil cancer was selected as one of the forty best research projects with EU funding all around the world. The exhibition is part of the European Research and [...]

8 September 2020

Professor Carl Borrebaeck of the Department of Immunotechnology and CREATE Health, a Strategic Center for Translational Cancer Research, has, as an expert scientist member of the EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing reviewed the scientific validity of non-animal-derived antibodies and non antibody affinity reagents used for [...]

8 June 2020

Magnus Jakobsson has received a 400 k SEK research grant from the Crafoord Foundation to develop new mass spectrometry-based methods for the analysis of protein post-translational modifications.

13 May 2020

A research team headed by Prof. Mats Ohlin of the Dept. of Immunotechnology has received funding for studies and development of human antibodies specific for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that cause COVID-19. The collaborative team includes researchers at Lund University, Skåne University Hospital, the Karolinska Institute, and the Royal [...]

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