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Carl Borrebaeck

Research focus

Our research focus on Precision Medicine, Immuno-Oncology, Early Diagnosis and Biomarker Discovery within oncology and other complex diseases. This is achieved by utilizing molecules and cells of the immune system as sensors for disease. 


The following projects are actively pursued:

  1. Immuno-Oncology: Characterization of tumor infiltrating T-cells and Dendritic cells to identify target molecules for targeted therapy and immune intervention
  2. Body and Mind: Biological markers associated with psychologic resilience, with a particular focus on the epigenome
  3. Precision Diagnostics: Early diagnosis of different difficult to diagnose cancers

The research is focused on clinically defined problems, aimed at today´s patient and not for future generations. Our goal is to rapidly achieve clinical utility and value for society, by the means of cutting-edge science both in an academic setting at the Department and in innovative spin-out companies.

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Carl Borrebaeck. Portrait.

Senior Professor Carl Borrebaeck
+46-46 222 96 13

Medicon Village
Building 406
Scheelevägen 2
223 63 LUND

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