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Affinity-based analysis of liquid biopsies

Patient stratification

Patient stratification based on companion diagnostic tools provide several important benefits, such as minimizing side-effects associated with non-functional treatment, reducing cost in the health care system overall and enable the possibility to offer precision medicine to each patient. Ideally, these analyses should allow repeatedly sampling using non-invasive methods to allow monitoring of patients over time.

Protein profiling

Serum protein profiling is one method that shows such promise and has an advantage of tissue-biopsies, which often are taken at a single site and at a single time-point and do not reflect the heterogeneity found both within the specific tumor mass, between metastatic sites and variations over time. In an ongoing project, an antibody microarray platform is used to profile relapsed mantle cell lymphoma patients from the Philemon clinical trials.

Sara Ek. Portrait.

Professor Sara Ek
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Department of Immunotechnology
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