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4BUH - human anti-Bet v 1 IgE

Human antibody fragment M0418 was selected using phage display technology from an antibody library generated from human IgE heavy chain variable domain-encoding genes and a diversity of light chain variable domain encoding genes. M0418 binds a linear epitope on the common birch pollen allergen Bet v 1. 

The structure of this allergen-binding human antibody was determined by X-ray chrystallograpy to high resolution (Levin et al., 2014). It features, in comparison to structures determined in the past, a convex antigen-binding site with a protruding loop represented by the third heavy chain complementarity determining region.


Levin M, Davies AM, Liljekvist M, Carlsson F, Gould HJ, Sutton BJ, Ohlin M (2014) Human IgE against the major allergen Bet v 1 – defining an epitope with limited cross-reactivity between different PR-10 family proteins. Clin Exp Allergy 44, 288-299. (Abstract of the article)


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