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Transcriptional and protein profiling in tissue

Transcriptional and protein profiling

Advancement within precision medicine and companion diagnostics, will only be made by increasing the understanding of the interplay between the tumor cells and the adjacent microenvironment and tentative protective niches. In the immunotherapy era, this is increasingly important as immune status at diagnosis ultimately will determine the capacity of the immune system to raise a functional response.

Ongoing projects

In ongoing projects, mutational and immune status of mantle cell lymphoma patients from the Nordic Mantle Cell Lymphoma 2/3 clinical trial, and the population-based cohort BLISS is characterized with the aim to improve biological understanding and develop methods for improved treatment selection.  

Sara Ek. Portrait.

Professor Sara Ek
+46-46 222 38 24

Department of Immunotechnology
Lund University
Medicon Village
Building 406
223 81 Lund; Sweden

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