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Tumor-infiltrating immune cells in Head and Neck cancer


Our overall objective is to extend our understanding on the role of tumor-infiltrating leukocytes in oropharyngeal (OPC) and nasopharyngeal (NPC) cancer, frequently associated to HPV and EBV infections, in order to identify novel strategies for enhancing anti-tumor responses. We also aim at establishing a 3D organoid platform of OPC to enable functional studies of cellular anti-tumor immunity and preclinical assessment of efficacy for immune-oncology therapeutics.

Current projects include:

Immune Profiling of Head and Neck cancers

In vitro 3D cell systems of oropharyngeal cancer


Malin Lindstedt. Portrait.

Professor Malin Lindstedt
+46-46 222 92 56

Department of Immunotechnology
Lund University
Medicon Village
Building 406
223 81 LUND

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