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PhD programme

PhD programme in Immunotechnology

The Department of Immunotechnology offers a graduate student programme of 240 hp (Swedish higher education credit points – equal to about 4 years of full time studies) in Immunotechnology (Link to study plan for Immunotechnology). Upon successful completion of the programme a PhD degree is awarded. Alternatively, you may graduate with a Swedish licenciate degree (120 hp). Research topics are to be found among those within the main research topics of the department.

For a general description of the PhD student programme of the Lund School of Technology please refer to this web site for further information.

Information on vacant PhD student positions can be found at the Lund School of Technology website.

For information on previous research assignments, please review this full list of theses.

Graduate courses given at the Department 

KIM001F Molecular Biology,

Responsible: Professor Mats Ohlin                                                   

KIM005F Cell Biology

Responsible: Professor Sara Ek                                                                       

KIM015F Proteomics 1  

Responsible:  Professor Peter James            

KIM020F Advanced Biological Mass Spectrometry 

Responsible: Professor Peter James       

KIM025F Molecular Biology, Reading Course

Responsible: Professor Mats Ohlin            

KIM030F Scientific Outlook 

Responsible: Professor Malin Lindstedt

KIM035F Current Advances in Immunotechnology and Proteomics 

Responsible: Professor Malin Lindstedt   

KIM040F Scientific Outlook 

Responsible: Professor Malin Lindstedt                                               

KIM045F Cell Biology, Reading Course

Responsible: Professor Sara Ek                                                  

KIM050F Cell Culture Management and Safety in Mammalian Cell Culture Work

Responsible: Kathrin Zeller, PhD                                                                               

KIM055F Immunology

Responsible: Professor Malin Lindstedt              

KIM065F Proteomics Data Analysis

Responsible: Associate professor Fredrik Levander

KIM070F Onco-immunology

Responsible: Profesor Malin Lindstedt

KIM075 Immune Cell Flow Cytometry

Responsible: Associate professor Kristina Lundberg