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Mass spectrometry proteomics

We now offer access to high end mass spectrometry analyses using a newly acquired Thermo Q Exactive HF-X mass spectrometer with uHPLC. The facility specialises in comparative quantitative analysis of proteomes, with the aim of quantifying different forms of proteins (proteoforms). We will provide access to workflows for analysis of post translational modifications or low-abundant proteins using a combination of affinity enrichment and mass spectrometry, but are open to requests for most types of protein and proteome analyses.

Contact Fredrik Levander or Valentina Siino to discuss your project

The equipment is funded by grants from the Faculty of engineering at Lund University, Mats Paulsson Research, Innovation and Societal Development fund and Stiftelsen Stefan Paulssons cancerfond. 


Valentina Siino, PhD

Research engineer




Phone: +46-46 222 9253 



Fredrik Levander, PhD

Bioinformatic specialist




Visiting adress:

Medicon Village

Building 406

Scheelevägen 14

223 63 LUND