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12 February 2024

The antibody team within the Dept. of Immunotechnology, together with an international team of the Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire (AIRR) Community, today published a study that allows you to, through use of an improved human immunoglobulin reference set, better define your antibody-encoding genes. This tools will allow you to properly detect [...]

25 September 2023

Since 2009, the LMK foundation is gathering around ten, promising young researchers across faculties at Lund University to an idea forum in Örum. Associate senior lecturer Anna Gerdtsson from the Department of Immunotechnology was selected to participate this year (22.-24.9.2023). The three-day meeting promotes exchange of experiences and ideas [...]

25 September 2023

Three representatives of the Department of Immunotechnology share their knowledge with general public during Kulturnatten 2023. Sarah Richtmann (on the picture), Tova Hermodsson and Jana Hagman tought both kids and adults how to pipette, all about immunotherapy and latest trends in cancer imaging.

10 May 2023

The antibody development infrastructure U-READ at the Dept. of Immunotechnology, headed by Prof. Mats Ohlin, in collaboration with the Department of Laboratory Medicine, and BioInvent International AB, have demonstrated the utility of a combination of next generation sequencing and bioinformatics as a screening tool to isolate novel cell-bindning [...]

30 March 2023

Ass. Professor Anna Sandström Gerdtsson gave a series of popular science lectures: The good, the bad and the ugly – what are immune cells doing in a tumor? to 400 high school students and teachers throughout the week. The purpose was to educate about cancer biology, immuno-oncology and new technologies to study tumors, and to inspire to life [...]

15 March 2023

Professor Sara Ek co-authored a publication in Nature Communications revealing that SOX11 regulates SWI/SNF complex components as member of the adrenergic neuroblastoma core regulatory circuitry.

22 November 2022

Professor Malin Lindstedt obtained a new grant from The Swedish cancer society (Cancerfonden) for a project focused on the function and prognostic impact of myeloid cells in the tumor microenvironment of Head and Neck cancer (2 400 000 SEK).

14 November 2022

The nomenclature subcommittee on immunoglobulin, T cell receptor and MHC of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) has been restructured.

11 October 2022

Associate Professor Kristina Lundberg has received a grant (1.5 mil SEK) from Ingabritt and Arne Lundbergs foundation for purchasing a multiparameter flow cytometer with capacity to sort cells.

15 September 2022

Finally there is a resource to enable proper sequence analysis of antibody responses in the commonly used Balb/c mouse strain.

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