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Peter James

The development and application of proteomics techniques for understanding disease

Study of disease

All diseases are caused by defects in a protein's function. The origin may be a mutation in the DNA in the gene coding for that protein or in a different gene that regulates the protein. Changes in mRNA turnover by microRNAs or by epigenetic changes at the chromosome level give rise to alterations in proteins that directly cause the disease.

Our work

The work being done in the group focuses on developing and applying methods that allow one to monitor changes at the protein and modification level and how these change during disease development. Our aims are to develop tools to understand the underlying molecular events in disease etiology and to apply these in a clinically relevant manner. 


The Swedish National Bioinformatics Infrastructure (NBIS) is providing the platform for our work.

Professor Peter James
+46-46 222 49 60

Department of Immunotechnology
Lund University
Medicon Village
Building 406
223 81 Lund

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