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Sara Ek

Cancer Target Group – molecular and functional analysis of lymphoid proliferative malignancies

Research focus

Our research focuses on finding biological answers to clinically important questions involving improved diagnosis, stratification and treatment of patients with lymphoma. The main challenge to successfully treat cancer is the heterogeneity of the malignancy, and methods that capture that heterogeneity and provide information on variations in tumor-related signaling pathways and/or interaction with surrounding immune microenvironment is a holy grail.

Molecular investigation

To improve basic understanding and treatment strategies, we perform such detailed molecular investigations of patient material derived from within and outside clinical trials, including sequencing, spatial omics technologies, serum protein profiling and functional screening. Translational bioinformatics is used to bridge between data and clinical practice. Read more about our research on our research page or at Lund University Research Portal.

Articles in the press

Link to "Hon vill skapa brygga mellan molekyl och patient" in Vetenskap och hälsa

Link to "EU grant promise get triple helix PhD programme off the ground" on Medicon Village home page.

Sara Ek. Portrait.

Professor Sara Ek
+46-46 222 38 24

Department of Immunotechnology
Lund University
Medicon Village
Building 406
223 81 Lund; Sweden

Short summary

  • Member of Faculty of Engineering research board 2019-
  • Director of CanFaster 2017-
  • Director SCIBLU core facility 2018-
  • Professor 2015
  • Head of Department 2015-2018
  • Associate Professor in 2009
  • Co-founder of Immunovia 2007
  • PhD in Immunotechnology 2004

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