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Immunomodulatory drugs have been extensively studied and used for the treatment of oncological and inflammatory diseases in the past decades. However, the complexity of the immune system and its interaction with disease states often leads to manifestation of adverse outcomes in response to immunomodulatory treatments, hence these are often used at a later disease stage. Current pre-clinical models are unable to, or wrongly predict these side effects, as they are often focused on a specific area of study of the immune system, disregarding the individuals’ immune response heterogeneity and complexity. As a result, there is a continuous need to develop new models that will accurately predict these immunotoxicities, or refine the existing ones, at the pre-clinical stage and before they are administered to patients. My current research specifically focuses on the immune cell interactions with cytokine-based therapeutics and checkpoint inhibitors that lead to the development of adverse events and the development of in vitro cell assays that will accurately predict these.  

These studies are part of the imSAVAR project. You can read more at

Christina Sakellariou. Photo.

Christina Sakellariou


Department of Immunotechnology
Lund University
Medicon Village; Bldg 406
223 81 Lund, Sweden

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