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Flow cytometry and fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)

We have three different instruments in the facility; one cell sorter (Cytek Aurora CS) and two analysers (FACSCanto II and iQue). We offer assisted usage of the instruments as well as training for independent use. We can also assist in panel design and optimization.


Cytek Aurora CS:

The Cytek Aurora Cell Sorter has 4 lasers (Red 640 nm, Yellow-Green 561nm, Blue 488nm, Violet 405nm) and detects emissions across the whole light spectrum for each fluorochrome. This spectral flow cytometry technology, called full spectrum profiling (FSPTM ) greatly enhances panel size, eliminates the need for compensation matrix, and allows greater flexibility in the fluorochromes that can be used in the same panel.

The Cytek Aurora CS has the capability of acquisition in 48 parameters (Red Laser – 8 channels, Yellow-Green 10 channels, Blue – 14 channels, Violet – 16 channels).

The instrument has the following sorting capabilities; 2-way (15ml), 4-way (5ml), 6-way (1.5ml) as well as in 96-well and 384-well plates. Nozzle sizes: 70um, 100um, and 130um.

For more information, visit the Cytek Biosciences website.


The BD FACSCanto II analyser has 2 lasers (Red 640nm, Blue 488nm) and detects emissions for up to 6 parameters. It has an available carousel for automatic feeding of 40 FACS tubes per analysis.

For more information, visit the instrument website.


The iQue instrument has 3 lasers (Violet-Blue-Red ), 15 detection channels and allows rapid analysis in 96-well or 384-well format.

For more information, visit the instrument website.

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