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Flow cytometry and fluroscent activated cell sorting (FACS)

Flow cytometry is a laser-based technology to analyze the cell characteristics and based on specified criteria, specific cells can be isolated with high purity. 

We have 3 different instruments available; each of them serves a different propose. 

FACS Canto - 2 laser instrument for analysis of up to 6 parameters (in addition to forward and side scatter). It has an available carousel for automatic feeding of 40 FACS tubes per analysis.

FACS Arian - 4 laser instrument for analysis (14 parameters) and cell sorting. It can sort out 4 different fractions at the same time, alternatively, it sorts into plates (96 wells or 384 wells).


iQue: user friendly flow cytometer for multiplexed analysis of cells and beads in suspension, for more details, please, visit the instrument homepage.

  • rapid flow cytometry analysis in 96 (10 min) or 384 (30 min) format
  • three-laser configurations (Violet-Blue-Red laser)
  • multiplexed analysis up to 15 detection channels
  • minimal problems with small numbers of cells (5000 or less no problem)
  • detection rate up to 35000 events/second
  • minimum sample volume 2µl
  • combining cell and bead analysis in the same well
  • 7 decades dynamic range (i.e., it is possible to analyze bacteria)
  • scale down the assay to save reagent (20µl reaction volume)
  • user-friendly analysis software that makes it possible to analyze/visualize data in an easy way
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