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Research in general

Research contributes to improvements and benefits of our society, the application of advanced technologies to solve complex biomedical challenges has taken the department to the forefront in several  research areas.

Findings and innovations

Research findings at the department has lead to multiple innovations and the spinout of several companies, for example, Immunovia, Senzagen, BioInvent, Alligator bioscience, today creating over 200 jobs in the area.

Current research at the Department of Immunotechnology

The Department of Immunotechnology carries out research and higher education in research areas spanning from advanced technology developments to biomedicine. 

Focus areas at the Department of Immunotechnology

Tumor-infiltrating immune cells and novel strategies to activate anti-tumor immune responses

Biomolecules for early diagnostics, for prognostics and as therapeutic targets

Involvement of specific immune cells and antibodies in hypersensitivity

Invented through research at the department

Technology Platforms



Strategic Centre for Translational Cancer Research


MSCA-COFOUND Ph.D. and Postdoc programme for innovative cancer research

MAD for Cancer


National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden


SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development Platform

AIRR Community

Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Community


the European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine


Immune safety avatar: nonclinical mimicking of the immune system effects of immunomodulatory therapies


Lund University Cancer Centre