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University assignment

The Swedish universities have a government assignment (2009: 45) which says "The task of the university should be to work to ensure that research results obtained at the university are of benefit to society."

At the Department of Immunotechnology, we have been working with this focus since 1983 when we scouted out our first company - BioInvent , that focuses on antibody-based cancer therapy, so-called targeted therapy.

Faster research results to the public

One of the reasons why it is important to bring innovations to the citizens of the community is that it is unacceptable that it should take 17 years in funding for an innovation to reach patients and our focus was to reduce this to a minimum. For example, the translational (CREATE Health) cancer center (started in 2005) has the mantra "cancer innovations not for tomorrow's generations but for today's!"

Spin-off companies

The awareness that the boundary between basic and applied research has largely been blurred within biomedical research has led us to early identification of innovation that could have a crucial impact on patients. This has resulted in the Department being founded and being part founder of a number of companies in the life sciences, exemplified by companies such as Alligator Bioscience AB, Immunovia AB, SenzaGen AB, PainDrainer AB etc


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