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Research group


Magdalena Godzwon, M.Sc.
project: recombinant antibodies

Eric Fančišković , PhD student
project: antibody generation




Past group members

Pernilla Jirholt, Ph.D.
project: antibody library technology and mucin-1 specific antibodies
(thesis abstract)

Johan Lantto, Ph.D.
project: antibody evolution and repertoires against human cytomegalovirus
(thesis abstract and pdf file)



Lavinia Cicortas Gunnarsson, Ph.D.
project: evolution of carbohydrate binding modules
(thesis abstract)

Helena Persson, Ph.D.
project: directed antibody libraries and IgE repertoires 
(thesis abstract)

Jonas Persson, Ph.D.
project: the making of an antigen and its interaction with antibody populations (thesis abstract

Fredrika Carlsson, Ph.D.
project: antibody library technology (thesis abstract)


Laura von Schantz, Ph.D.
project: carbohydrate-binding modules (thesis abstract)

Mattias Levin, Ph.D.
project: IgE repertoires (thesis abstract)

Anna Säll, Ph.D. (shared with Carl Borrebaeck, Helena Persson & Christer Wingren)
project: antibodies as tools in proteomics (thesis abstract)

Anne Ljungars, Ph.D.
project: antibody technology and mining of recombinant antibody repetoires (thesis abstract)

Ulrika Andréasson, Ph.D.
project: IgE repertoires

Zahra El-Schish, M.Sc.
project: phage display selection design


Yvelise Barrios, M.D.
project: antibodies to human cytomegalovirus 

Johan Waldemarsson, Ph.D.
project: recombinant antibodies



Maria Agemark, Ph.D.
project: recombinant antibodies for Life Marker Chip

Anjali Gaur, M.Sc.
project: antibodies in neurological diseases

Ufuk Kirik, Ph.D.
project: antibody gene bioinformatics

Sandrina Campos Maçãs, M.Sc.
project: antibody generation

Alexandra Lengquist

Alexandra Lengquist
project: antibody generation

Kajsa Westberg
project: antibody generation

Linnea Thörnqvist

project: antibody generation


Mats Ohlin.

Professor Mats Ohlin

Head of the Department
+46 46 222 43 22
skype: matsohlin

Department of Immunotechnology
Lund University
Medicon Village
Building 406
223 81 LUND

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