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Immunotechnology- Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Student Level

Immunotechnology, 7.5 hp,  KIMN01, (former KIM015).

The course will cover basic immunology including cellular and molecular systems and their interactions. Development of monoclonal antibodies and fragments using cellular and molecular technologies. Test systems based on immunological reagents. Biomedical immunology with aspects of allergy, tumour immunology and immunotherapy.

Methods employing molecular engineering to improve/modify immunological specificities and reactions. Immunology and its industrial applications. Lab exercises and individual reprots. Interactive excercises, based on PBL and group excercises, to highlight comprehension and ability to communicate

Syllabus in English 

Advanced Course in Immunotechnology, 15 hp, KIMN05 (KKK000).

The aim of the course is to provide in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of Immunotechnology. The course contains both independent literature studies and practical research work, including independent planning and performing research in one both groups at the department.

Undergraduate Projects (Examensarbete), KIMM01(30 hp)/KIMM05(30 hp)/ KIML01 (15 hp)

We continuously accept master thesis students and project workers for training within the research performed at the department. You will participate in a cutting edge projects providing excellent opportunities for training and taking part of the latest technologies and applications.