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Our research projects investigate antibody responses and focus on develoment of molecular probes such as antibodies for defined purposes in relation to cancer, allergy, infectious disease and research on carbohydrates. These studies are tighly associated with research within the fields of immuno-oncology, sensitization (including allergy), and the development of biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis in the management of disease. Many such antibodies are available for research collaborations. Some of our other projects are further described below

Our tools and technologies are made available to the research community through our local infrastructure U-READ, as well as to the international community through EATRIS, and to the Swedish research community through our engagement in Science for Life Laboratory's Drug Discovery and Development Platform, in particularly its Human Antibody Therapeutics National Facility.

Our research frequently uses phage display technology, a molecular tool to isolated proteins (such as antibodies) that bind a specific target. The technology as such is briefly described here.

Mats Ohlin

Mats Ohlin

Head of the Department


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Department of Immunotechnology

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