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Kathrin Zeller

Our research

In line with the paradigm shift in toxicology “Toxicology in the 21st Century”, our research focuses on in vitro models to investigate human cellular toxicity caused by various stresses, such as chemicals, chemical mixtures and nanoparticles.


Chemicals are ubiquitously present in everyday life and new chemicals continuously enter the market, which is why better knowledge is urgently needed to predict and prevent adverse effects and to ensure a safe environment.

We use human primary cells and cell lines and a variety of technologies, for example proteomics, genomics and bioinformatics, to elucidate the induced responses after xenobiotic exposure.

Adverse effects

We are especially interested in understanding how the adverse effects are caused, such as by regulating/disturbing different cellular signaling and stress compensation systems, and to understand how the cellular responses are integrated on the molecular level.

Associate Professor Kathrin Zeller


Phone: +46-46-222 96 78

 Department of Immunotechnology

Lund University

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223 81 Lund, Sweden