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Kristina Lundberg


Cancer will affect every second individual in the coming years. The focus of my research is to utilize the immune system to eradicate tumours, since unharnessing this system has shown tremendous effects for cancer therapy. Consequently, we identify and implement novel drug targets that enables the immune system to eradicate cancer cells so more patients can benefit from immuno-oncological treatments and experience an improved survival.


We focus on T-cells and their capacity to orchestrate an immune response against tumour cells and also on cells that regulate T-cell activity, such as myeloid cells. Furthermore, we explore immune cell and cancer cell targets for combining cancer immunotherapy and radiation. Through a network of national and international collaborators we explore several different cancer indications, including acute myeloid leukaemia, bladder cancer and lung cancer.

More information about the research and specific projects can be found here (link to research projects).



Associate Professor
Kristina Lundberg


Phone: +46-46 222 43 23 

Department of Immunotechnology

Lund University

Medicon Village

Building 406

223 81 Lund