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  • Angelica Johansson: Development and characteristics of resistance models in mantle cell lymphoma.
  • Rebeka Kovačič: ScFv barcoding – technology development towards MIcroArrays in Solution.
  • Linn Strindhagen: Production and functional characterization of Der p 1-specific human recombinant IgE.
  • Milad Abolhalaj: Flow cytometric analysis of PRRs and chemokine receptors expression on tonsil resident dendritic cell subsets.
  • Emma Persson: Basophil signaling in the endocrine pancreas - Implications for beta cell dysfunction/destruction in diabetes mellitus.
  • Anna-Lovisa Nynäs: Development of a co-culture system for studies of airway epithelial and dendritic cell interactions.  


  • Sofia Kamlund: Neurotoxicity of cancer stem cell inhibiting substances.
  • Per Eriksson: Selection of binders with improved in vitro properties for cancer immunotherapy.
  • Emelie Persson: Studies of the role of glycosylation in IgE-allergen interactions and initial assessment of the IgE repertoire in a patient diagnosed with red meat allergy.
  • Emma Hammarstrand: Phenotypical and Functional Evaluation of the  basophilic cell line KU812.
  • Oscar Lindén: Engineering and selection of antibodies against life-indicating biomarkers on Mars - evaluation of a large naïve phage library Hell11κ.
  • Magdalena Widgren Sandberg: IdeS (FabRICATOR®s) activity on aggregated monoclonal antibodies.
  • Eric Olsson: Detection of protein variants in breast cancer cell lines using shotgun mass spectrometry.
  • Emma Ricart Altimiras: Uncovering protein variants using a combination of shotgun proteomics and data-independent acquisition.
  • Sara Vikström: Investigating the binding properties of antibody fragments in the immunoaffinity MS platform AFFIRM.
  • Dejana Damjanovic: Cell surface expression of the DNA repair associated protein Ku70/80 - a first evaluation of its potential as a biomarker for melanoma and prostate cancer.
  • Cathrine Jonsson: Comparison of different gamma-PGA nanoparticles and their effect on immune cells in combination with anti-CD40 antibody.
  • Louise Jonsson: Development of an in vitro model for investigation of probiotic mechanisms.
  • Daniel Corbee: Evaluation of capture methods in the AFFIRM platform.
  • Tim Lindberg: Investigation of miRNA expression in the human myeloid cell line MUTZ-3 in response to skin sensitizing chemicals using next generation sequencing.
  • Jon Olsson: Proteomics comparison of resistant and susceptible oat varieties to reveal proteins involved in resistance.
  • Johanna Melin: Generation of antibody fragments against CTLA-4 on regulatory T cells.  


  • Elisabeth Ax: Characterization of phenotypic and immunogenic properties of novel candidate vaccine strains of Vibrio cholerae.
  • Jonas Enarsson: Evaluation of in vitro cytotoxicity assays for nanoparticle safety assessment.
  • Baneen Khanum: Zebrafish as a xenograft model for B-cell lymphoma drug discovery.
  • Filip Ottosson: Evaluation of magnetic beads in the immunoaffinity mass spectrometry assay AFFIRM.
  • Sam Madjidian: Evaluation of amphiphillic poly(γ-glutamic acid) nanoparticles as adjuvants and carriers of therapeutic antibodies for cancer immunotherapy.
  • Mikael Sommarin: Evaluation of CD20 targeting scFvs and dyes for xenografted tumor cells in zebrafish.
  • Shraddha Karanth: Cyclin D1 and SOX11 as agents for diagnostic immunophenotyping and analysis for detection of Mantle cell lymphoma - Expansion of Clinical utility.
  • Mikael Sommarin: Evaluation of different cell-based assays. (15 hp Immunotechnology Advanced Course)
  • Alexander Jönsson: Zebrafish as a potential model animal in the in vivo study of xenografted mantel cell lymphoma cells. (15 hp Immunotechnology Advanced Course)


  • Sofie Åkesson and Victor Friberg: Immune response activation is influenced by bacterial virulence factors: Effects of fimbriae-mediated adhesion on IL-8 secretion and transcriptome of human kidney carcinoma A498 cells.
  • Sara Pereira: Methods for analysis of transcript and metabolites in the glycosylation pathway of CHO cells and antibody product glycosylation.
  • Stefanie Rotthus: Human monoclonal IgE and the major  grass pollen allergen Phl p 5: a complex relationship.
  • Mattias Björnmalm: Affinity maturation of cancer-targeting albumin-binding domains through bacterial display.
  • Mandvi Sharma: Development of AFFIRM – a targeted platform combining affinity enrichment and SRM mass spectrometry for screening of cancer related proteins in complex samples.
  • Kristoffer Sjöholm: A method for comprehensive and quantitative analysis of host pathogen interactions.
  • Carlos Urey: Immunoassay development for the Ca2+-binding protein S100A6: a possible CSF biomarker for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Arian Eskafi Noughani: Limitation of algorithms for quantitative label-free LC-MS-based proteomics.
  • Jenny Apel: Functional properties of antibody-conjugated γ-PGA nanoparticles for cancer immunotherapy.
  • Nina Persson: High content screening of antibodies – confirmation of antibody specificity and a high throughput approach for identification of antigen.
  • Shraddha Karanth: SOX11 antibodies - characterization and optimization of growth conditions. (15 hp Immunotechnology Advanced Course)
  • Mandvi Sharma: Strategies for screening of binders in a homogenous format, a substitute to classical ELISA technology. (15 hp Immunotechnology Advanced Course)
  • Mattias Björnmalm: Hypoallergenicity of recombinant allergens and activation of human basophils from allergic andrIgE-sensitized non-allergic donors. (15 hp Immunotechnology Advanced Course)
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