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The Department of Immunotechnology carries out research and higher education in research areas spanning from advanced technology developments to biomedicine.

The main research areas using advanced technologies developed in-house are within:

  • allergy - hypersensitivity and toxicology
  • antibody engineering
  • cancer
  • proteomics


The department uses the following technologies to answer advanced research questions:

  • large-scale mass spectrometry
  • affinity proteomics
  • flow cytometry and cell sorting
  • next generation sequencing and microarray technologies
  • phage display and antibody engineering
  • bioinformatics


Furthermore, the department harbours several research networks and core facilities:

  • CREATE Health - a Strategic Centre for Translational Cancer Research
  • CanFaster - a PhD program for innovative Cancer research
  • Service Centre SCIBLU, providing genomics and proteomics services to customers, e.g. other research groups at Lund University
  • NBIS

The application of advanced technologies to solve complex biomedical challenges has taken the department to the forefront in several of the described research areas. Research findings at the department has lead to the creation of several spinout companies, today creating over 500 jobs in the area.



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