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Welcome to the Department of Immunotechnology!


The focus of the Department of Immunotechnology is spanning from advanced technology developments to biomedicine research. The main research areas are oncology, allergy, autoimmunity, neurobiology, and antibody engineering. Our research employs advanced technologies including genomics and transcriptomics, large-scale mass spectrometry-based proteomics, different types of microarray technologies (affinity proteomics), phage display, and associated bioinformatics. In addition, we provide genomics and proteomics services, and our antibody development platform has been integrated into SciLifeLab’s Drug Discovery and Development Platform. The department is also responsible of several student courses and it is of particular priority to offer high quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The Department of Immunotechnology has a strong history of entrepreneurship and several companies have derived from the department. The application of advanced technologies to solve complex biomedical challenges has taken the department to the forefront in several research areas.





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Sara Ek, Department Chairman
Phone: +46-46-222 3824

Mats Ohlin, Deputy Dept. Chairman
Phone: +46-46-222 4322

Cornelia Lundblad, Administrative Manager  
Phone: +46-46-222 4350

Maria Klement, Research coordinator

Phone +46 462228659

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The Department of Immunotechnology is situated at floor 3 and 4 of Building 406 at Medicon Village (Scheelevägen 2) in Lund, Sweden.

Fax: +46-46-222 4200