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Future medicine and diagnostic tools depend on a deep understanding of cellular and molecular processes, and the capability to translate novel findings into solutions for defined clinical problems. At the Department of Immunotechnology, we apply such strategies to selected focus areas such as immuno-oncology, biomarkers, and sensitization and collaborate with researchers and clinicians world-wide.

Research within this area is driven and made possible by collaboration with national and European infrastructures, and we host core-facilities within our key technology areas proteomics, antibody-engineering, and spatial omics.

We are proud to contribute to societal development through education, research, and innovations.





Support from the Crafoord foundation to PTM research

Magnus Jakobsson has received a 400 k SEK research grant from the Craafoord



Wallenberg Foundation and SciLifeLab supports antibody research

A research team headed by Prof. Mats Ohlin of the Dept. of Immunotechnology



Anne Ljungars defends thesis in Immunotechnology

Antibody technology and phenotypic discovery



Kristina Lundberg appointed as Associate Professor in Immunotechnology

Dr. Kristina Lundberg was today appointed as Associate Professor in