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Magnus Jakobsson

Quantitative mass spectrometry for comprehensive analysis of proteomes and their modification status in health and disease

Research goals

The overarching aim of my lab is to identify protein and protein post translational modification (PTM) biomarkers for improved cancer diagnosis, to the benefit of both patients and society. Frequently the diagnosis of a cancer involves invasive and discomforting biopsies. We aim to develop non-invasive blood-based analytical tests for improved diagnostics that also guide clinical decisions such as choice of therapy.

Biomarker identification

For biomarker identification, we use high-resolution quantitative mass spectrometry for comprehensive analysis of proteins, and their PTMs status, in clinically relevant cells, biological fluids, and solid tumors. Protein and PTM profiles are then correlated with clinical parameters to define signatures of biomarkers for distinct diseases states or response to certain therapies.

Currently, our main research efforts comprise:

Magnus Jakobsson


Phone: +46-46-222-4634


Department of Immunotechnology

Lund University

Medicon Village; Bldg 406

223 81 Lund, Sweden



Short summary

    • Associate Senior Lecturer, Proteomics, 2019
    • Co-leader Proteoforms@LU, 2019
    • Principal Investigator, 2018
    • PhD in Protein PTM Biology, 2013