Development of methodology for PTM proteomics

PTM proteomics

The function of proteins is frequently regulated by dynamic post translational modifications (PTMs). Prominent examples include specific glycosylation events that define blood-type, phosphorylation events important in cell signalling and methylation which is a key epigenetic mark playing a central role in gene regulation. We have a long-standing interest in the characterization of PTMs and develop proteomics technology for this purpose.


Lysine methylation

A key research focus of the lab is the enzymology and function of lysine methylation (Kme). Kme is a dynamic PTM and is regulated by both methyltransferase (writing) and demethylase (erasing) enzymes (Fig 1a). Moreover, Kme interacting domains (readers) exist that can mediate functions governed by the PTM (Fig 1b). 


Figure 1. Biochemistry and function of lysine methylation.

(a) Chemical structure of the different methylated forms of lysine.

(b) Diverse functions of lysine methylation can be mediate by specific reader domain containing proteins.


The method of choice for large scale analysis of PTMs is mass spectrometry (MS). PTMs are typically of low abundance and are enriched by specific affinity agents prior to MS analysis. For Kme, there are no affinity agents readily available and consequently the function and biology of Kme are scientifically underexplored.

We aim to develop new and robust affinity agents for MS-based proteomic characterization of Kme (Fig 2a). To this end we currently employ three strategies comprising i) cloning and isolation of recombinant Kme reader domains encoded in mammalian genomes, ii) selection of Kme readers through phage display of recombinant antibody libraries and iii) traditional murine immunizations.


The functional Kme binders are subsequently used to explore the context and abundance of the PTM in cells and tissues (Fig 2b-d) as well as in biomarker discovery studies (Fig 2e-f).


Figure 2. Affinity proteomics mediated exploration of lysine methylation.

(a) Workflow for Kme proteomics analysis.

(b-f) applications of Kme proteomics.



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