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Mechanistic Toxicology[more]


Milad Abolhalaj, doctoral researcher at the Dept. of Immunotechnology, exhibits pieces of art at LTH's Art Exhibition that opens May 20th, 2019.[more]


Dr. Mattias Brofelth of the Dept. of Immunotechnology was awarded the Stiftelsen Oscar II:s stipend for his doctoral thesis entitled Technological advancements in affinity proteomics: From planar antibody microarrays towards a...[more]


Researchers from 12 countries in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania incl. researchers from the Department of Immunotechnology have published a system for validation and naming of newly discovered genes that the immune...[more]


Department of Immunotechnology researchers are hosting this years lecture on the 14th of Dec[more]


Alligator Biosciences, ett av Institutionens avknoppningsbolag är idag med i Sydsvenskan. Bolagets viktigaste produkt är antikroppar riktade mot cancerceller, en vidareutveckling av den upptäckt som i år tilldelades årets...[more]


Institutionen för Immunteknologi grundare Professor Carl Borrebaeck och en av årets nobelprisvinnare i kemi, sir Gregory Winter, arbetade tidigare sida vid sida med att publicera en ny teknologi inom ett då nytt och hett område...[more]


Professor Carl Borrebaeck, held an inspiring talk at TEDxLund,, hosted by Medicon Village and MAX IV.  The theme of TEDxLund "Prima Materia." The event featured speakers, presenting in front of an...[more]


Professor Sara Ek, Assoc Prof Kristina Lundberg, and Dr. Ulrika Axelsson, has been awarded funding’s from Cancera foundation.  Professor Sara Ek, received 2 million SEK for a project dedicated to early detection of lung...[more]


Associate Professor Kristina Lundberg has received this years prize from Per-Eric and Ulla Schyberg's Foundation. The prize sum is 375 000SEK and was given for Kristina's research to identify new targets for cancer...[more]

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