“Cells synthesize proteins from a DNA template and expand their biochemical repertoire through dynamic and enzyme-catalysed post-translational modifications (PTM). Methylation of the amino acid histidine was first reported in the...[more]


Professor Sara Ek has received 1.2 MSEK in support from LTH to participate in the LU Agenda 2030 research school with the project “ Deepened understanding of the connection between symptoms, psychological resilience and molecular...[more]


The parties have signed a 5-year collaboration agreement. Focus will be on recruitment of PhD students to cancer research at Lund University, exchange of physicians within oncology between Skåne University Hospital and TMUCIH, as...[more]


Nature Methods has crowned spatially resolved transcriptomics Method of the Year 2020. In conjunction to that, Spatialomics@LU was featured on the LTH website.[more]


Ovarian cancer detection from a blood sample. Illustration.

Doctor Magnus Jakobsson has received a 2 million SEK grant from Mats Paulsson’s Research, Innovation and Societal Development fund for the development of new diagnostics for ovarian cancer. The study aims at developing a new...[more]


Doctor Anna Sandström Gerdtsson has received 2 million SEK from the Cancera foundation for Spatial analysis of immune infiltration for individualized treatment of ovarian cancer. The study, which will be one of the first...[more]


Protein structure of a heat shock protein with one highlighted amino acid - Lysine 561.

Doctor Magnus Jakobsson will present his work 28.10.2020 on the enzymology and clinical relevance of post‑translational modifications (PTM) of the universally conserved protein Hsp70. His work has uncovered the human enzyme...[more]


Kathrin Zeller. Photo.

Doctor Kathrin Zeller was 28.8.2020 appointed as Associate Professor in Immunotechnology by the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Her research focuses on in vitro models to investigate human...[more]


Aastha Sobti at the exhibition Science is Wonderful. Screenshot.

Aastha Sobti, one of the CanFaster Ph.D. students at the Department of Immunotechnology, represents cancer research at the EU online exhibition Science is Wonderful! Her work on tonsil cancer was selected as one of the forty...[more]


Professor Carl Borrebaeck of the Department of Immunotechnology and CREATE Health, a Strategic Center for Translational Cancer Research, has, as an expert scientist member of the EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to...[more]

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