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What is Immuno-Oncology

The field of Immuno-Oncology aims to take advantage of the innate and adaptive immune system to fight cancer. The Immuno-Oncology research at the department is focused on developing novel immunotherapies as well as tools to select patient groups and monitor treatment response.

About the technology

Our state-of-the art technologies enable us to determine the heterogeneity of various cancers by assessing the frequencies and types of tumor-infiltrating immune cells, as well as protein and gene expression, on a single-cell level. The increased knowledge about tumor microenvironments, in terms of infiltration of relevant immune cell populations and their characteristics, we can design novel ways to target immune cells for enhanced tumor recognition.

We exploit in-house antibody library technology to isolate antibodies specific for novel targets and further evaluate these through functional in vitro studies. Identified biomarkers that holds promise for diagnostic and prognostic purposes are also assessed for patient stratification and analysis of treatment-responses.  

Development of test systems

Another focus area of this Immuno-Oncology research program is development of test systems that allow accurate prediction of responses to biological drugs, which is a necessity for efficient drug development. For this purpose, we develop 3D methods to culture cells from patients to evaluate individual biomarkers and drugs. 

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