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Three research grants from the Cancera foundation to the Department


Professor Sara Ek, Assoc Prof Kristina Lundberg, and Dr. Ulrika Axelsson, has been awarded funding’s from Cancera foundation. 

Professor Sara Ek, received 2 million SEK for a project dedicated to early detection of lung cancer. The aim of the project is to develop non-invasive, specific and cost-effective diagnostic tools that can complement current screening tools that will aid in an early discovery of lung cancer.

Assoc Prof Kristina Lundberg, received 2 million SEK to identifying and characterizing new types of immune cells in solid tumors. The project will develop new ways to kick-start an immune response directed against the tumor cells. In this way, we can enable more patients to benefit from the powerful and long-lasting effects of this new type of drug.

Dr. Ulrika Axelsson received 2 million SEk for the project “The Molecular Fingerprint of Psychological Resilience”. The aim of the project is to identify a biomolecular signature that correlates with breast cancer patient’s psychological resilience. This will open up completely new strategies for cancer treatments.

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