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Thesis - second cycle studies

The department performs cross-disciplinary research within the field of immunotechnology, focusing on the cells and molecules of the immune system for various biomedical applications. Applied research as well as projects addressing fundamental issues are being pursued within six main project areas; (i) Antibody technology, (ii) Affinity Proteomics, (iii) Proteomics, (iv) Bioinformatics, (v) Cancer, and (vi) Allergy. Within these efforts, we continuously accept master thesis students and project workers for training. You will then be allowed to participate in a cutting edge project providing excellent opportunities for training and taking part of the latest technologies and applications. 

We currently offer the possibility to perform projects within the following main project areas;

  • Dendritic cells and Allergic diseases
  • Recombinant antibodies – technologies and applications
  • Proteomics – technologies and applications
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Cancer – B cell lymphoma
  • Bioinformatics

To assess the diversity of projects assignments you can view a list of recent MSc thesis and Advance course projects in Immunotechnology here.


For more information, please contact

Kristina Lundberg (the department's director of undergraduate studies)

Carl Borrebaeck (research on biomarkers in oncology)

Sara Ek (research on targets for cancer treatment and diagnosis)

Peter James (research on proteomics)

Fredrik Levander (research in bioinformatics)

Malin Lindstedt (research on allergy, immunology, and chemical sensitization)

Mats Ohlin (research on antibody technology and antibodies in disease)


Christer Wingren (research on affinity proteomics and biomarkers in autoimmunity and cancer)



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